BrandArmy (‘BA’) allows superfans to get closer than ever before to creators they love and follow! Our iOS and web app provides tools and features for creators to engage, interact, connect, and monetize their superfans.

To elevate the digital relationship between creators and their superfans. On BA, creators have full audience, data, financial, and creative control. We feel creators are treated like 2nd-class citizens on the big social media platforms and should be fully in control of their audience with the freedom to create.

Creators of all kinds are welcome to apply for a channel. If you have an existing well-engaged following, please apply HERE.

Creators have six ways to make $ on BA! We provide features and tools from a freemium subscription model, paid subscriptions, paywalled DMs, paywalled feed posts, tipping via the profile, tipping during a live stream, and finally, creators can sell tickets to their live streams to both subscribers and non-subscribers. We also do brand deals and are very active in this area.

We’re focused on attracting mainstream creators with mid to the largest followings in the world. The creators we want do not make sense for Patreon due to limitations on income potential. Patreon only offers creators one way to make money. Our target creators do not want income limitations. Our six ways to earn within the app provides unlimited income potential. Our target creators would love the income potential of OnlyFans, but cannot join OF due to the stigma associated with their platform. Nudity and sex are prohibited on BA to keep things brand-safe.

Our birthday is March 12, 2021! That’s when we started beta with real superfans and creators they love. Our public launch is….stay tuned!

Someone who:

  1. Wants authentic connections and engagement with those they love and follow
  2. Is willing to pay for those interactions
  3. Wants to get closer to the creator
  4. Wants to be around other like-minded superfans
  5. Our goal is to become the largest platform for superfans of top creators around the world. *crowd roars*

The creators. We provide 1st-party superfan data to creators, something you won’t find on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Heck noooo. That’s not what we’re about. Our focus is on providing a mainstream and brand-safe platform for all ages of creators and superfans. So nudity and making babies on BA is prohibited with no exceptions.

On BA there is no earnings cap. What you’ll earn will depend on how many fans you move over to our platform to monetize. How much you charge for subscriptions and per-piece content is completely up to you. Below is a slider with options to help you understand what is possible with your following.

# of Followers


Monthly Subscription Price

Your private BA channel could earn you
per month from your superfans!*
*Based on (estimate) 1% and 5% of your followers subscribing. Earnings figures do not include income from tips, paid messages, paid wall posts, live streaming or shoutouts.

If you have 100k followers on any one social media platform or 250k across all social platforms please go here to apply for a creator channel.

BA was built creator-agnostic. So all types of creators and their superfans are welcome. Please remember we focus on creators with existing well-engaged fan bases.

Very awesome. Like you.

The site is intended for users who are at least 18 years old. 

We do! We offer a 5% referral fee on any approved referred creator’s production for the 1st million in production or one year, whichever comes first. There is no limit to the number of referrals one can make.

BA platform fee is 20%.

You tell me.


[ 75k min followers for consideration ]

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